No Nonsense Forex has taken the retail trading world by storm.


With nearly 10 million YouTube views and 1 million podcast downloads in the last two years, No Nonsense Forex has revolutionised the profitability of its followers and has become one of the fastest growing phenomena in the retail FX world.


With over 164,000 YouTube subscribers, the No Nonsense YouTube Channel features nearly 200 episodes, and over 60 hours of content. 

Now, in the first of a series of international conventions, VP, the founder of No Nonsense Forex is coming to London in Spring 2021, with a further convention planned in the US in late 2021.


The approach has initiated a complete ecosystem of additional follower-generated content, including a Discord group of over 12,000 members. This provides a community where, using the No Nonsense Forex model, the tools that traders need to succeed are discussed, refined and shared.

Created and narrated by 'VP',  the enigmatic inventor of the approach, the system focuses on the development of a 6-stage algorithm, backed up with strong money management and trade psychology. An approach which has caught the imagination of Forex traders around the world.

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